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For only $299, you’ll get more than enough sales techniques to last your entire career. I’ll cover everything from prospecting for clients to closing the deal. In addition to improving your techniques, you’ll also learn how to become a better salesperson in every facet of your business. By taking my seminar, you’ll increase your chances for commissions, promotion, and advancement.

   Plus, a tasty box lunch ensures that you won’t have to miss a single minute of the seminar.* More than just food for thought.
*Meals may vary per venue. Contact us for more details.

“Instead of hyped-up talk and too much information that you can’t use, you’ll get a better, more-complete understanding of the entire sales dynamic, from the moment you target your prospects to the moment you close the deal.”

– Barbara G., Izzy Interiors

If you’re looking to expand your business, gain more accounts, generate more revenue and increase your income, you should sign up for the One Day Sales Seminar today.

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Somerset – New York – Washington, D.C. – Baltimore – Philadelphia



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“What I didn’t know before, was to take the information back from what I learned today for clients in asking the right questions and finding out information that they might need, so that I may be a resource to them”

– Cali L., Marriott International

We will be coming to your area soon, sign up today. Space is limited and seats do sell out.


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    How to Get Past the Gatekeeper Most business owners and executives responsible for key decisions have a gatekeeper. A common misconception is that gatekeepers are there to prevent a sale from taking place. They think that gatekeepers just say no. But this assumption is often wrong. Understanding their role and then winning them over are […]
  • How to Get More Appointments

    There are lots of different ways to reach out to potential customers these days: email, social media, etc. Despite all of these new ways to get in touch, one of the most effective is still the telephone. This usually means cold calling (or warm calling) a potential client to ask them to meet up with […]

Whether you’re a sales agent, account representative, or managing a sales team, you’ll come away from my boot camp with vitally improved sales techniques that will make you, your team, and your business significantly more successful.

“I definitely learned how to generate more leads and close a deal and I would recommend it to anybody.”

– Frank R., Kore Insurance Co.

This one-day seminar is only offered in select cities and is open to the first 50 people who sign up, so seating is limited. Once it’s over, I won’t return to your city for at least another six months. If you take advantage of this offer now, you can get back to work and start reaping the benefits right away.

“After today’s experience I will definitely have more confidence in my sales”

– Cherilyn M., Forest Laboratories

New York New Jersey

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“I’ll be able to take it with me in all of my future sales experiences and also just my life in general”

– Lexi H., Heartland Payment Systems

I guarantee you’ll notice immediate results, or your money back. As a salesperson, you know a good deal when you see one – so sign up now for the single best career investment you’ll make.

Don’t forget, I guarantee it – or your money back.



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“It was a great day, One Day Sales Seminar is strategic, informative, applicable to any sales situation, I recommend it to anyone.”